Campaign Management Platform



Galleri5 is an influencer marketing agency that is augmented with a complex and powerful tech product that enables tracking of Instagram content with their metrics.



6 months


Galleri5 Product Team


Wireframing, UI, Prototyping, Documentation, QA, Client Servicing


Figma, Webflow

Problem Statement

- Create an Analytics Dashboard enables tracking Instagram & YouTube content and their metrics.

- Bring predictive models and AI to the forefront of the product

User Journey and Information Architecture

A basic site structure was drafted concurrently with the idea of design standardization in mind. Below is the first draft, as the project progressed the site structure evolved.

Although a user journey map was never charted out, I decided to make one using the internal team's process of how they went about conducting a influencer marketing campaign in tandem with the Galleri5 platform.


Edge case and Error Handling

Cater for multiple edge cases in a user's journey and inform them of errors

Design Standarization and Documentation

Put in place scalable design system to account for an ecosystem of interlinked lfeatures


Mid to high level marketing executives and campaign Managers that would need to stay on top of their campaign while also keeping other stakeholders informed on campaign performance.

Final Outcome

A few milestones we hit after the design over haul
- We landed our 1st paying platform client
- They created 60+ campaigns in the first 3 months
- Consequently landed 2 more platform clients
- Showed off the product to over 20+ companies
- Enter into trial period with 3 clients

Performance Dashboard

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