Valorant Challengers South Asia


Valorant Challengers South Asia is a competitive esports tournament series for the game Valorant in the South Asian region organized by Riot Games. being once of India's leading streaming platforms embarked on the journey to draw as many eyeballs the Hindi Version of the stream on the platform.

On personal level this project was a very big deal for me because I actively live and breathe Valorant :)



30 Days


Loco Design


Wireframing, UI, Prototyping, 3D Assets


Figma, Spline

Problem Statement

- Create Web based pages for the Android/iOS Apps along with Responsive Webpages for Desktop and Mobile Web

- Have a provision for users to win in-game points via lucky draw

- Allow users to see Match Scheduling and Team Standings

User Journey and Information Architecture

A tight timeline meant keeping the IA as simple and one dimensional as possible. This was done to ensure tech feasibility and during a short period of time. Below is the information architecture of the website

As for the userflow, there were a few key things that needed to be communicated. The winner status of the user and the voucher status a user that was a winner.


Time Pressure

Multi Platform design requirement on very short notice

Brand Language Adherence

Balance platform design language with the series' mood board


Using a combination of demographic data for the Loco Streaming Platform and surveys from Valorant's subreddit it was concluded the most of the users visiting the page would be adolescent to young adult Indian males.

Final Outcome

App and Web versions were shipped on time just as the series was starting to go live. Over 2000+ vouchers were redeemed and live watch hours reached monthly peaks.